Worship Administration

Our worship team manual.
The covenant everyone on our team signs each January.
Our most current organizational chart.
A ZIP file of several of our worship department job descriptions.
Timeline our scheduling department uses to schedule instrumentalist and vocalist to services.
Form we use when gathering information for a requested worship service.
An example of an internal excel document used to show weekend schedules at multiple campuses.
A prayer we use when preparing our worship schedules.
A sample of an internal document we use to schedule a service for a department within our organization.
An internal document that we use to show the different tier levels of service applications.


Creating a Culture of Songwriting Notes
Writing Songs Your Church Can Sing PowerPoint

Worship Connection

Building a House of Worshippers PowerPoint
A simple flow chart describing our involvement process.
Sample email we send to all prospective team members.
A step-by-step description of how we conduct a video evaluation.
The waiver we ask potential team members to sign before being evaluated.
This is the "application" for ministry all team members fill out before evaluation.
Information used in worship orientation meeting for prospective team members.
A brief description of each stage of our involvement process.
Plan we use to track the progress of new members throughout our involvement process.
Forms we use to rate instrumentalist on scale of 1 to 5.
Forms we use to rate vocalist on scale of 1 to 5.
Sample email we send to evaluation participants notifying them of their evaluation results.

Worship Production

Excel spreadsheet used to keep a running tally of all songs used at all weekend services at all of our campuses.
Excel spreadsheet used to give snapshot of all songs done at each campus for the last several months.
Help page for the Nashville Numbering System
A sample of what our vocalist use to learn Gateway Worship songs using the number system.
A sample of the format we use for number charts used by our musicians to learn songs.
A brief explanation of the rules and guidelines for our songwriting groups.
Application for becoming a member of the songwriting forum.
Notes provided by instructor Jessica Sheppard.
Notes provided by instructor Chris Knox.
Notes provided by Brian Schexnayder for Women Vocal Exercises
In .m4a format for iTunes
Notes provided by Brian Schexnayder for Male Vocal Exercises
In .m4a format for iTunes

Prayer and Intercession

Manual for our corporate prayer team members.
Gateway Pastoral Prayer Shield Manual

GatewayNEXT - Children's Worship

The process of involvement for Gateway NEXT worship.
Explanation of our Children's Worship Ministry.
Description of our worship ministry training for Children's Worship at Gateway.